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Vlada Asanin, is the latest talent of the electronic music scene. With more than twenty years as a DJ, he has created a very personal and distinct sound. Worldwide, Vlada is supported by other great artists in the electronic industry.
During 2010, Vlada launched more than 150 productions into the market, with 30 more left to be released in 2011.
Presently, Vlada is resident DJ at EL Plata Club and Silverland Festival, nocturnal spaces full of charisma in Zaragoza, Spain. He continues to journey throughout Spain and beyond with a plethora of anticipated performances.
Riding high on a wave of relentless success, Vlada finds himself at the peak of his career. Not only is he having the time of his life as a DJ and producer, but as an artist who realizes that his destiny is to be victorious, since his colleagues, promoters, record companies and all of his fans attest to that future.
Discover Vlada Asanin, the pure definition of technique and passion united.