Overeasy Records is proud to present –

Ron Costa – Let Me See (D-Unity Remix)

D-Unity comes correct with a remix of Ron Costa’s original ‘Let Me See’ that doesn’t fail to please. His sound drum work and underground Techno grooves unleash a dark shadow over your body while the vocal chops spook you to life. What more could you ask for in a remix between two world-renowned Techno producers?

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David Hopper – Captain Of My Soul (Original Mix)
Take a ride in the night with this techy original by David Hopper. From solid drums out the gate, the track becomes dark and looming with a mysterious sample that moves the spirit of the dancefloor. Are you the captain of your soul?

David Hopper – Captain Of My Soul (David Hopper Deeper Remix)
With a deep spin on the original, this remix carves its way into your ears with the top-notch drumwork that David Hopper is known for. If you liked the Original Mix just wait till you hear this one.

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Ron Costa – Let Me See (Original Mix)

Ron Costa comes back with another impressive Techno track for Overeasy Records, his second to date. Get hypnotized as the percussion and chopped vocals morph into the drop. Let’s see you groove to this chugger by Ron Costa.

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Overeasy Records_RonCosta_LetMeSee_121816

‘Thosil’ by Ron Costa

Ron Costa who hails from France is the newest addition to the Overeasy roster and makes a big entrance with this original ‘Thosil.’ The track builds confidently with a sneaky techno beat…and then, from the dark depths of the jungle lurks a ferocious bassline that will have you moving like a survivor. Look out, this track might just take your life.

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David Hopper  ‘Hands’

It starts of with popping drums that pump out into the mix…only to drop into a fat throwback bass-line. You’ll be surprised when you find yourself in transported into a new place. Not unlike the warehouses and clubs around the globe over the decades. Put your hands together and get your feet moving to the beat.

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D-Unity ‘Circles’
D-Unity comes correct with this new original banger called circles. Starting the track off with a mesmerizing vocal loop he stacks the track with solid drum work. As the track moves forward a kick drum crashes into the low end and knocks the subwoofers in the teeth. The track builds to a fever pitch never straying too far from its techno roots. If you like your Tech with no cheese grab this track and you’ll be happy.

‘Circles’ Alex Costa Remix
Alex Costa turns out a wicked remix of D-Unity’s original techy banger ‘Circles’. Trading in the sleek drum work for a more gritty, lo-fi sound, Alex Costa grabs that old school feel of a warehouse fed by a wall of speakers. Not timid in its approach this remix bumps from the start and doesn’t stop till the end. If you like classic sounding techno made by a veteran, pick this remix up. You’ll thank us later.

‘Circles’ Duss Remix
Duss returns to Overeasy Records with a solid new piece of dance material. This is their second remix of a D-Unity original off of Overeasy’s line of techno releases. In need of a techy track that will grab the dancefloor by their shoelaces? This track will find its way into your techno set before you know it.

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Groovebox – Blunted (Original Mix)

Rhythmic drums come out the gate swinging with full force followed with techy vocals bringing you into a epic drop that will have you moving your feet on the dancefloor. This is a dope original by Groovebox that you will want to get your fingers on.
Groovebox – Blunted (D-Unity Remix)

D-Unity’s remix of Blunted unlocks a completely different side of the Groovebox original. The chuggy kick carries through the whole track and acts as a magnet, drawing everyone back to the dancefloor. There’s also the beacon sounding vocal that reminds you of D-Unity’s superior techno construction. Anyone that listens to this track will be forced to click the buy button as its floor-filling sound pulsates through your eardrums.

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David Hopper – ‘Through The White Door’

David Hopper’s takes us on a journey with his latest original ‘Through The White Door’…. Starting with an infectious framework of classic sounding drums it moves with a wall of techy keys that seem to expand as the track kicks into third gear. Rolling along at mid tempo the bouncy and highly contagious synth riff echoes of underground warehouse parties of the past while digging into the compressed sound of today. If you like tech, you’ll like this.

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Vlada Asanin – Bu Rek

Vlada Asanin – Bu Rek (Original Mix)
Vlada Asanin comes correct with this rolling, chunky original. Taking the drums for a ride from the start with lots of warm, ‘low end love’ the track winds, dives and moves all while keeping it deep and tough throughout the mix down. Check it out. You like Vlada Asanin? Then Bu Rek will make you love him.

Vlada Asanin – Bu Rek (Duss remix)
Duss is new to the Overeasy Records roster, however… Duss is not new to putting out absolute ridiculous floor artillery. This remix is no different. Duss winds up and comes out the gate blazing. The low-end speaker eater bassline warms the whole remix while the chug in the drum work is a constant reminder of why he is a sought after producer worldwide.
Check it out. You will play it… a lot.

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D-Unity “Shout + Remixes”

Overeasy follows up D-Unity’s ‘Shout’ release with a pair of barn-burning remixes by Duss and Tony Dee. The Duss remix really breaks the original down and takes it up to a new level. Clean, crisp sound that resonates through the crowd. A ‘must have’ for all those DJs looking for something to draw the fans back to the dancefloor at 3AM.Tony Dee’s remix definitely brings out dark rolling techno to the table. The dancefloor will be full as this track hits the decks. Some really tight break downs that drop back into that chunky-ass kick. Tony went all out, and you can hear every bit of his hard work when you play this pumping techno track.
Shout + Remixes500x














D-Unity “Shout”

D-Unity drops a huge bomb with his new release Shout. The tweaked out high hats and looped vocals add that hypnotic element to this peak hour pounder. Once that kick comes in it almost forces you to imagine a crowd full of heads bobbin’ to the beat. D-Unity has been making his mark on the Techno scene for quite some time and will certainly be turning heads with this release.

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DJ PP “Forza” Remixes

Known for his dancefloor rocking tech house trax, DJ PP aka Gabriel Rocha, has done it again. Forza has that super chuggy bass line and a body vibin beat that keeps the booty shakin all nite long.

Check out the bangin’ remixes by Siwell and David Hopper and Hefty M!











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David Hopper “Like Disco” Original Mix

David Hopper “Like Disco” DJ PP Remix

Red hot dj / producer David Hopper unleashes a bumpin’ house track with his signature drum work paired with a booming low end and disco ish guitars swirling throughout. Keeping it chunky for the floor while sliding in that retro vibe for the groove at heart. Taking it to the next level is a floorbangin’ remix by internationally renowned dj and producer DJ PP.

David Hopper ''Like Disco''










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Siwell “Esperanza”

Italian superstar dj and producer, Siwell, gives a little latin shake to Overeasy Records’ latest release, Esperanza. This track has everything you need to rock the dancefloor at peak hour. Siwell comes in with a little patter beat and slowly brings the heat with a monster kick and a super hypnotic bass line. When you break Esperanza out on the decks, get ready for the dancfloor to ((((((((SHAKE))))))))) !!!! =]]=]]

Definitely, a must have for the dj’s bag of tricks.

Rollin out hit after hit, touring the globe, and teaming up with Umek on a new release for Sphera, there’s no holding back for Siwell. Overeasy is very proud to have Siwell on our roster and look forward to having a remix by him very soon.











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DJ PP “Forza”

Known for his dancefloor rocking tech house trax, DJ PP aka Gabriel Rocha, has done it again. Forza has that super chuggy bass line and a body vibin beat that keeps the booty shakin all nite long.











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Siwell “Souvenir”

Siwell does it again releasing another in a series of solid tracks. Bumpin bizness for any house or tech house dj wordlwide.











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Alex Kenji “A Lot Of”

International DJ / Producer extraordinaire Alex Kenji pulls out the latin twist on this tech house monster. Signature beats swirling around a driving bassline accented with latin horns gives this track a deep flowing vibe while sticking to the low end subs on the floor.

Overeasy Records set the remix team loose in the shed to add some of their own West Coast flavor to the Alex Kenji’s tech house original.

Remixers include David Hopper, David Hopper and DMorse, Steve Prior, David Delano and Christo.

Alex-Kenji-A-Lot-Of 2










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