Support the Artists Grab this song on iTunes! Instagram: @chandlerstephensmusic Twitter: @ChanStephMusic Facebook: Website: Official Lyric Video for Can't Stop Love with Kane Brown. Directed & Edited by Joseph Spence. Lisa Stuart Art Direction. Produced by Keith Thomas Follow KaneBrown! Facebook: Twitter: @KaneBrown Instagram: @KaneBrown_Music YouTube: Can't Stop Love by Chandler Stephens & Kane Brown official lyrics: A Little bit reckless a little bit wild You found trouble like it was going out of style Mama never liked you Said never come back Cause you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks Can’t stop love A little bit princess a little naïve You stayed out of trouble a little more than me Baby blue sundress curled up hair You’re mama never liked me But I didn’t much care Chorus: Cause can’t stop love With shackles and chains You can’t stop love It’s like poison in your veins It’ll be right there when you ain’t strong enough You can change your mind But you can’t stop love A little bit crazy a little bit scared We turned the key and left our worries in the mirror 300 dollars and a suitcase full of clothes We filled the tank just to see how far it goes Gold will melt and steel will rust And every house will fall one day But me and you got something baby that’s here to stay

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