Listen to "Downtown's Dead" → If you're new, Subscribe! → Sam Hunt's first single in over a year is called "Downtown's Dead" and it's a banger! The singer admits music isn't his only priority anymore, but it sounds like more new music is coming eventually. What has the singer been up to? Tune into this week's episode of 'That's What She Said' to find out! Download the app → Go here → Like us → Follow us → Get our newsletter → Sam Hunt, "Downtown's Dead" Lyrics: The city showing stars / All you see miles is people spilling / In and out of cars / Man I love these bars are making a killing / Everywhere I go looks like the place to be / I see people that I know / But I feel like there’s no one here but me. Chorus: Downtown’s dead without you / Girls walk by and friends say hi / It’s Friday night it might as well be just another / Tuesday night without you /As long as you're still in my head / There ain't no way I can paint a ghost town red / Downtown's dead / Downtown's dead." They’re dancin' in the strobes / Out here in the throes / Loud house music / Everything's a blur / I don't hear the words but lips are moving / Tried to get involved / But I've 'bout had enough / People wall to the wall / And I'm just holdin' it up 'cause. Free drinks, bright lights / What am I doin' with my life / Ok, I quit / I've had enough of this / These people are losing their minds / Can't get you out of my head / I'm callin' it a night / And I'm crawlin' back to your bed.

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